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Kitbashing SP 2-8-0 (Part 2) - Options for Additional Detail Parts

I've received several emails asking what detail parts should be purchased to help complete the OMM conversion kit for the Bachmann 2-8-0.

My 20 year old model of SP 3459 (not correct for C-8/9/10 class conversion) showing FWH, Train Indicators, & Sunbeam Headlight with Visor.

Here's a basic run down of Cal-Scale, Cary (both from Bowser) and PSC. I do show duplicate parts, which are choices to match your prototype, etc. Also some detail parts are era or engine specific, so be aware of which engine you plan to model and the era as well.

Enjoy the following which I posted on our new private "User Group" on for OMM Conversion kit users.

Note there are duplicates in the list below, as you can get similar parts from several sources. I will highlight the "Must Gets" in Bold type text in the lists below. Check that you just go down the list and get all the bold items which will result in duplicate "Must Get" parts from two vendors!

Also note that some of these details are era specific, and as some of you are modeling Pre-WWII and others are Post-WWII these parts will change, read the comments beside the detail parts to see which is appropriate for you!


Link to website:
List of possible Cal-Scale Parts:
190-281 Bell - Rope Pull
190-219 Loco Brake Cylinders
Era Specific - 190-201 Headlight - Sunbeam with Visor (post-1940-WWII era)
Era Specific - 190-206 Headlight - Standard (SP 'Golden Glow' barrel-type headlight pre-1940-WW-II era) Generally replaced with #201 style by 1946+ era
190-241 Headlight Bracket - Standard - This bracket can be used - Note SP engines mounted their headlights below the smokebox centerline. - The plastic Bachmann headlight bracket is acceptable, so consider this an optional part.
190-288 Injector - Large Lifting (Optional detail part, as the plastic Bachmann injectors are acceptable.)
190-312 Marker Lights - Standard Era - Pair (Optional - Can be used as Class Lights to improve the rough castings on the Bachmann model)
190-260 Number Boards - R&L Pair ("Train Indicators" to SP modelers and crews - These are one of the hallmarks of SP/T&NO road engines for displaying what schedule and authority the train is running under.
190-592 Rerail Frog - Side Mount Pair on Brackets (Almost all SP Road-Switchers carried these on their tenders - check photos)
190-286 Sander Valves (These are an optional super-detail to make the OMM Sand Dome look more complete with the fine piping. Some engines had this piping almost immediately drop into the boiler jacketing)

SP 2599 showing power reverse behind the air tank, above the right valvegear, just behind the cylinders. - Eddie Sims collection

Engine Specific: - This is one or the other.  Bachmann's 2-8-0 has a forward facing power reverse.  Many SP engines used the backward mounted style, mounted low over the right side valvegear per the photo above.
190-360 Power Reverse - Small (for 'backward mounted' power reverse behind right cylinder pointed rearward)
190-216 Power Reverse Type-T (for 'forward mounted' power reverse near right firebox/running board pointed forward)

One of the following options: 
190-605 Whistle Left Side Mount - Good idea to at least replace the Bachmann Whistle with a brass casting. Should be on the left side of the aux dome with pop-valves.
190-227 Aux Dome with Fittings (& Whistle) - This set offers more details for the Aux Dome, which is closer to what the SP engines had.

Cary Parts by Bowser
13-224 Blowdown R&L (All SP engines were fitted with these after about 1940) PSC part options below too
12-255 (Boiler) Lagging Clamps
Optional - Feed Water Heaters (Page 2) to match engines which had them - as noted in NightOwlModeler Blog Roster:
13-203 Injector Lifting Type (Optional, choice of Cal-Scale or Cary)
13-260 Number Boards (Train Indicators - Choice of Cal-Scale or Cary)
13-214 Large Steam Parts for FW Systems (possibly used if FWH are used on your engine)
13-158 Pipe Hangers Strap Type
13-170 Pipe Hangers U-Bolt Type
13-183 Rerail Frog Bracket - Side Hung (or Cal-Scale casting)

Precision Scale Co.

PSC 3022, 3147, 31077, 31818 Various Blow-Down Mufflers (or Cary 13-224 above)

All sorts of other parts are available from PSC, so check out the catalog pdf at the link above.

Example of Detail Parts Applied

Left Side Stock Bachmann Model with SP-style detail parts.

Photos of my 20 year old kitbash of SP 3459, which is not a good prototype number for the Stephenson Valvegear OwlMtModels conversion kit for the Bachmann base 2-8-0. This is to show the Cal-Scale FWH, Sunbeam Headlight, and Train Indicators.

The walkways have been modified to adjust for the new FWH on the left side and the Air Pump being moved to the right side. This model doesn't have the signature SP Blow-Down Mufflers, which as we saw last post are mounted in one of about three standard places: Between Driver 3-4, Behind 4th Driver, or just forward of the Cab Rear Support.

 Right Side Bachmann 2-8-0 with Air Pump moved to right side and rearranged walkway.

The upcoming OMM Conversion kit will change the engine to the SP-style domes (OMM 4015 parts) and Stephenson Valvegear (OMM 4010-4014 parts). The OMM Step and Pilot Brace upgrade will allow the removal of the front ladders, which are very non-SP.

UP 721, showing the OMM concept Conversion Kit parts applied, but no additional detail parts yet.

I'll be posting more on this topic as we get into doing a new conversion from the rails up. Hopefully many of us will be working on these together! Soon, I'll also be hitting on the conversion parts to do some SP-style tenders.

Jason Hill

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