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I'm reorganizing the Blog Pages here to clean up the home page.  This should be a faster way to get to certain articles and pages.  If you want the fastest way, use the "Search" tab to find directly related materials on this blog space.

Freight Car Modeling & Articles

Freight Car Overview Index - SP & Multiple RRs Cars.

SP Boxcar Recap for Modeling in 1950-1955 Era - Overview of building a 1950s SP boxcar fleet.

Passenger Car  Modeling & Articles

Index for Modeling Pullman Pool HW Passenger Cars - Overview of Pullman Pool HW Car Models

Index for Modeling HW SP Passenger Car Classes - Overview of SP HW Car Models

    What color is SP Dark Olive and how do I get it? - Article on SP Dark Olive Green, and my search for a good color paint.

Index of SP Lightweight Passenger Car Models - Overview of SP classes and models

    MTH Daylight Psgr Cars - Review & Mods - Modifications I've made to MTH Daylight cars to make them operate better.

Engine Modeling & Articles

IMRC Cabforwards - 10 Years of Experience - Long form story of dealing with these models - resurrected from my ancient blog circa 2006 with updates.

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