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This is my new page I'm setting up to show models that I've built for sale. Most of these will be OwlMtModels F-50-Series Flatcars which are built-up, painted, decalled, and weathered. Some will have distressing of the deck or other kitbashing done.  All are unique models, I don't plan to make repeat road numbers/eras unless the car is a specific prototype (such as SPMW 847 wheel car, etc).

SPMW cars built from OMM flatcars with scratch-built sideboards. - SPMW 161 (center) was sold in Jan 2022.

To be clear, these are not "Custom Models" built to a commissioned set of specifications.  These are cool models that I decided to build, paint, weather, decal, etc.  And now they are functional pieces of art, up for sale, which are being made available to you to have in your fleet.

Currently Available For Sale

Please contact me at nightowlmodeler at gmail(dot)com specifying which model in the current available list below you would like to purchase and OwlMtModels will send a PayPal invoice to your email account.  Once a model is sold, it will be removed from this list, ASAP (probably within the day).

Free Shipping for Continental USA - 48 States - Included in Price of Models.   Hawaii/Alaska or international may have additional nominal charges TBD based on shipping address. 

SP 38909 F-50-8 & SP 41186 F-50-5 - (#0006) $350 ($39.95 kit included in price)

This car was built from OwlMtModels 2003 kit for early OMM advertisements for retrucked F-50-5/8/9 class cars using U-Section trucks.  OMM was short on some parts, so authorized three early display and advertising models to be painted up differently on each side.

Left side is SP 38909, an F-50-8

This car changes reporting marks depending on which side of the car you're looking at.  The SP 38909 is set up with tare date for Houston 8-54, with AB Brakes installed.

Right side is SP 41186, an F-50-5

The SP 41186 was built in 1916 as part of the first lot of SP F-50-5s.  She had her back broken in 1949 (photo in Thompson Vol.3, which is what this decal scheme is based on), but amazingly was not scrapped and stayed around for several more years, before being retired and becoming "SUPPLY CAR" SPMW 1566 in October, 1953.  SPMW 1566 was still in Supply service in Jan, 1956.

The deck was used in OwlMtModels' Deck Weathering Tutorial video.

The deck is fairly heavily distressed with noticeable chucks taken out and pretty rough as seen in the low angle side-view photos above.

SP 540446 - F-50-10 - (#0007) - $350 ($39.95 kit included in price)

Right side of SP 540446 (brake staff & wheel added after taking this photo)

Built from OMM #2003D10 with new decal artwork (2022-03-01).  Car equipped with U-section Accurail trucks, plastic wheels, AB Brakes, brake rods installed, and basic Triple Valve plumbing added.  Minimal deck distressing (car probably received 2nd new deck within last 4 years) and heavier dark 'grungy' weathering on carsides, rusty couplers.

Left side of SP 540446.

Decalling typical post-1956 renumbering scheme for F-50-10.  Reporting Marks, weights, tare info and Repack data restencilled (Patched) in 1956 over darker 'grungy' weathered body.  Tare Date: LA General 5-56.  Should be good for layouts modeling 1956-1960.  SP 540446 was built as part of the F-50-10 class in 10-1927.

SP 540446's deck with light distressing of the boards. - Brake wheel to be added.

I didn't go overboard on the deck weathering of this car, as it would have been one of the better F-50-series cars to not be retired in 1954-1956, and stay in revenue service, suggesting a redecking at some point in the last 4-8 years probably.

Underframe of SP 540446.

I added upgraded wire brake piping between the triple-valve and the reservoir on this car.

Past Models Sold

SPMW 161 F-50-series SUPPLY CAR - Sold January 2022.

SP 41308 - F-50-5 - (#0008) - SOLD, December 2022

Right side of SP 41308 empty.

Built from OMM #2002D10 with new decal artwork (2022-03-01).  Car equipped with T-Section trucks, Bowser wheels (provided in kit), AB Brakes, brake rods installed.  Light deck distressing and light weathering.

Left side of SP 41308 empty

Decalling typical post-1946 scheme for F-50-5. Tare Date: Brooklyn (Portland), Oregon 12-50.  So should be good for layouts until 12-54. SP 41308 was built as part of the first series of SP F-50-5s from Ralston in 1916.

SP 39853 (#0009) - SOLD, September 2022

Right side of the SP 39853.

SP 39853 built from OwlMtModels #2003C10 kit.  The tare date is Sacramento General Shops 8-1939 with the typical data stencils on the right-side sub-deck blocks.  The car is upgraded with AB-brakes.

Light deck weathering with some overspray.

The customer was not wanting the car too heavily weathered, specifically deck not heavily abused.

Trucks have a typical coating of grime.  The body only has a light overcoating of grime/dust.

This model was "custom built", specified to be like the SP 41308, but specifically pre-WWII tare dates.

SPMW 161 (#0005) - SOLD, January 2022

Left side SPMW 161

SPMW 161 was built up with OMM 2002 kit and customized sideboards were built and installed on it.  Randomized stake heights were modeled on this car, as opposed to SPMW 229 with even stakes and unpainted sides.

Right side SPMW 161

Painting was done asymmetrically with large "SUPPLY CAR" only applied to the right side, with a 'replacement board' on the left side.  Both sides had smaller 3" "SUPPLY CAR - STORES DEPT" lettering applied to the car sidesill.  Decal set 1210-J was used.

SP 39740 - F-50-10 (#0004) - SOLD

Left side SP 39740 - Empty

I built two revenue freight versions of F-50-10/12 using the OMM 2003 kits.  Tare date set up for Eugene, Oregon 3-50.  

Right side SP 39740 - Empty

Car was upgraded with IMRC wheelsets per LMRC Standards before delivery.  This car will be fitting perfectly into LMRC operations of the OCM and PSS lumber trains, returning on XMUG or TMW cycle.

Light deck distressing on SP 39740.

SP 43216 - F-50-12 (#0003) - SOLD

Left side of SP 43216 empty

I built two revenue freight versions of F-50-10/12 using the OMM 2003 kits.  Finished for early 1950s with Bakersfield 2-51 tare date.

Right side of SP 43216 empty

Car was upgraded with IMRC wheelsets per LMRC Standard before delivery.  This car will probably be in regular lumber train operations at LMRC.

Typical deck weathering with small over-spray on the A-end.

SPMW 560 - SUPPLY CAR (#0002) - SOLD

Left side SPMW 650 ("old" small decals)

This is an older OwlMtModels 2002 kit built-up as SPMW SUPPLY CAR that sold around 2018.  Tare date for last revenue weighing is showing Sparks 6-50.

Right side SPMW 560 ("old" small decals)

This car does not have the scratch built sideboards like SPMW 161 or 229 have. Customized removable loads could easily be made to fit into the stake pockets, like the OwlMt lumber loads.

SPMW 2186 - READY FLAT (#0001) - SOLD

Left side SPMW 2186

I built a "READY FLAT" per the Jan 1, 1956 SPMW Roster data with an OwlMtModels 2002 flatcar kit.  The car was sold around 2018.  Last tare date for this car is Brooklyn 12-38.  This car is one of the earliest F-50-5s retired from revenue service.  

Some Thoughts on Future Offerings

NWP 4499, the last F-50-5 bought for the Northwestern Pacific, lettered in the as-built scheme for 1916.

I'm considering to building groups of cars (2-5 cars) in the future with various 'themes', such as:
  • 1916-1920s era, various RRs (Era-A, ARA 'early' style data format)
  • 1920s era, various RRs (Era-B, spelled out RR names)
  • 1928-1946s era, various RRs (Era-C)
  • 1946-1953 era, various RRs (Era-D, mix of K and AB Brakes)
  • 1954-1965, SP & TNO primarily (Era-D late, AB-Brakes only)
  • SPMW, various eras and assignments (mostly Era-C, Era-D, and light gray with black SPMW 1958+)

Northwestern Pacific 4474 F-50-5 in 1924-scheme with OMM 3004 Lumber Load.

I may do some higher end models for sale including loads on the flatcars, such as:
  • Flats with lumber loads (possibly mix'n match with cars offered on the list at the same time)
  • Flats with Blackburn beet racks
  • Models with different reporting marks and/or eras on each side.  (Several early display models for OMM were painted this way to minimize total number of cars built in those early months of 2016-2017 when OMM was short on several brass castings).

T&NO 22419 F-50-5 with B-748, a 1928 "cut-down" Blackburn "Rack".

I'm not sure, these may end up being car-rack combos, not mix'n match to other car offerings, as tare-dates need to be matched between cars & racks, as T&NO 22419 is shown above with 1946 tare date, superseded with B-748's SLO 2-47 date and weight.

Future offerings like these will be posted at the top of this page.  Links to this page on OwlMtModels' website will also be set up.

Jason Hill

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  1. Outstanding stuff! Thank you, Jason for taking the time to post all this. Most appreciative of your efforts indeed. John in western Maryland


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