Freight Symbols Over Tehachapi Pass (Index Page)

This is the Index Page for the list and descriptions of the Freight Symbols used in the La Mesa Model Railroad Club's 1950's TT/TO Historical Recreation Sessions.  This is my General Outline of the Articles I plan to write and post on these topics, and will be updated as I do so.

Santa Fe 'Arvin Turn' heads out through Kern Jct. during a session as sugar beet block is about to leave on the SP.

Operations & Symbols - My Story and Intro (Part 1)

Southern Pacific

SP Bakersfield Yard  - Can you pick out the symbols?

Southern Pacific Westward Symbols (Part 2)

SP Eastward Freight with helper shoving hard pulls into Caliente.

Southern Pacific Eastward Symbols (Part 3)

SP 2587 switches PFE reefers, similar to the scene that would have played out at Edison, near Bakersfield CA. - Eddie Sims Collection

Freight Symbols over Tehachapi (Part 4) - SP Locals & Switching

Santa Fe

Santa Fe's Bakersfield Yard during operations in November 2017. - Can you name the blocks and symbols?

Extra ATSF 212 West approaches Kern Jct. and soon Santa Fe Bakersfield Yard.

Santa Fe Eastward Symbols (Part 6).

Tying It All Together

Paperwork for a session at LMRC

Freight Symbols Over Tehachapi (Part 8) - Logistics & Planning

Other Related Operations Blog Articles

The VME with SP 4171 is passed at Allard by the No.56 Mail Train.

Busy Times in Bakersfield (Part 1) - Roundhouse Operations

Busy Times in Bakersfield (Part 2) - SP Yard Operations Overview

A Trip on the Santa Fe SCX-BI - A 'Normal' trip over the Hill

Station Research & Studies, useful for Ops Department to see where buildings are, etc.

West Bakersfield (Part 1) - Laying Out Industries

Incomplete topics to ponder for the future blog posts:

Tehachapi Operations (Part 3) - BFX-7

Chief's Symbol Log - November 1952 LMRC

Real-Time Staging Operations - "The Rest of the World"

"Old Head" Knowledge - Building the Operating Scheme and Daily Flow

Cutoffs and Planning - Advanced Concepts and Connections

Traffic Dept Clerks - The 'Stage Managers' and 'Producers' for Operations

Chief Dispatcher - The 'Director' for Operation, also the "Owner" for the shift

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