Wednesday, March 13, 2019

General Blog Update for 1st Quarter 2019

Hello to all the regular followers of this blog,

Over the last few weeks, I've received a couple of concerned private emails regarding why I've not been posting any new blogs for the last 3-4 months, and if I'm still planning to keep blogging and being active in the hobby.

Eastern Sierra Mountains under snow, March 13, 2019. - Jason Hill photo

I'm writing a quick update to let you all know why I've not been posting anything since December.  Basically work was lining up to increase after Christmas, and then all of that was put on hold when a family member had a stroke in early January.  Lots of changes in my personal life and time management.  So I've basically had no time for model railroading related projects for about 10 weeks now.

Upcoming projects with kitbashing OwlMtModels lumber loads, and redetailing EspeeModels/Red Caboose's F-70-series flatcars.

Eventually things should settle down and I'm looking forward to sitting down and tinkering again with steam-era model railroading projects.  I have many interesting and more involved projects which have been sitting on the work bench for the last 3-6 months... So hopefully something will happen again soon.

SP 3257 with 120-C-6 tender - Eddie Sims Collection

Lastly, thanks to all my friends for the support during this challenging time.
Jason Hill

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  1. No matter how much some of us look forward to your postings, you do what you need to do. Our prayers go out to you and yours and we hope that you are able to return to posting soon. Wishing you the best.


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