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Westerfield SP B-50-2 (Part 2) - Finishing the Body & Roof

In the Part 1 post about the SPMW 2257 we left off with the grab irons drilled and the sub-roof structure in place.

SPMW 2257 coming together with most grabs and roof installed.

The goal in this part is to get the body finished and detailed, hopefully take the car all the way to painting.  I may do some fun tricks during the painting and weathering, as I want this car to look like a car that's been out of regular service, wondering the harsh desert and southwestern US conditions for between 8 and 13 years.


Normally, I give some basic roster data, in Part 1, I forgot to do so!

The B-50-1 was the second all-steel under frame 40ft standard boxcar design that the Associated Lines built.  Before the Harriman era, the first all-steel under frame 40ft boxcar on the SP was the CS-33 class.  Note that Pacific Lines subsidiaries were absorbed into SP reporting marks in 1928.

B-50-1 (1904-1905)
CP 84680-84929 (250)
SP 85280  (1)
SP 85281-85780 (500)  
OSL 9000-9249 (250)
OR&N 10000-10299 (300)
SPLA&SL 11000-11749 (750)
LW 32550-32649 (100)
ML&T 32650-32839 (190)
I&V 32840-32849 (10)
Total 2351 (SP Pacific Lines: 751)

B-50-2 (1906-1908)
CP 84930-85229 (300)
SP 85781-86230 (450)
H&TC 11000-11449 (450)
H&S 1000-1049 (50)
UP 70000-71599 (1600)
OR&N 10300-10499 (200)
CP 85230-85279  (50)
CP 88600-88749 (150)
I&V 32850-32859 (10)
LW 32860-33109 (250)
ML&T 33110-33359 (250)
SP 86231-86530 (300)
UP 71600-72849 (1250)
OR&N 10500-10999 (500)
CRYyP 900-949 (50)
CP 88750-89249 (500)
SP 86531-87280 (750)
ML&T 33360-33859 (300)
LW 33660-33859 (200)
OSL 9250-9749 (500)
UP & subs: 4100, SP Pacific & subs: 2500, Texas Lines: 1050
Totals: 7650+2310 cars!

GH&SA 34167, a B-50-4 in the early 1920s lettering scheme. - Model and photo by Kent Courtney, Thanks to Kent for use of the photo here!

B-50-4 (1909)
H&TC 11450-11749 (300)
GH&SA 33860-34359 (500)
SP 88400-88499 (100)
O&C 88500-88599 (100)
UP 72877-73326 (450)
SP 87281-87780 (500)
CP 89250-89619 (360)
OR&N 11000-12499 (1500)
O&W 10000-10499 (500)

Total: 2310 (SP Pacific Lines: 1060)

B-50-5 (1908-1910) *Built to experimental design, exterior looks like B-50-4
OSL 10000-10499 (500)
SP 16520-17319 (800)
SP 20500-21699 (1200)
SPdeM 9050-9149 (100)
FCdeS 10500-10599 (100)
Total: 2700 (SP Pacific Lines: 2000)

Total of all classes B-50-1/2/4/5: 15011 (SP Pacific Lines: 6311)

For SPMW assignments, these classes were converted to everything from outfit cars (Bunk, Foreman, Kitchen, Diner), to Tool, to T&M, to Shop cars, to Ready Flatcars.  Most of the outfit cars had doors and windows cut in them, likewise the Ready flats were cut down to the deck and generally didn't get any new stake pockets added to them, if if they did, the pockets were not to any standard.

Continuing Construction

Grab Irons

A-end grab irons installed.

Drilling out the lower side grab holes ended up springing the underframe sidesills, so I paused the drilling and applied a bit of thin ACC/CA.

B-end grab irons mostly installed.

Once these sidesill frame glue dries, then I'll redrill the lower grab iron on the side and endsills.

Right side

Left side

Assembling Roof

The roof panels were centered on the length of the sides, so the overhang over each end was equal.  I need to double check if there was fascia boards on the upper ends under roof.

I started by putting a small bead of ACC/CA glue along the tops of the sub-roof frame and car ends/sides.

Center joints of roof glued with thin ACC/CA glue.

I then wanted to fill the center seam with thin ACC/CA flowed in.  Excess is wiped off quickly with paper towel.

The thin CA was actually able to flow through the roof and was able to seal the interior sub-frame roof frame joints.


Underside with metal 33" wheels.

Since Part 1, metal wheels have now been fitted for the car.  Ideally, the Accurail Andrews trucks use IMRC wheelsets better than the longer Bowser wheels shown here, so I'll probably swap them out again.

In closing

Most of the remaining finishing work in Part 3 will be details: stirrups, hand brake, brake levers & rods, roofwalk and roof corner grabs.  Then I get to start working on the paint job, weathering, and decals in Part 4!

Jason Hill

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