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New Tangent SP B-50-28 and T&NO B-50-32s - Review

Stock Tangent Models SP B-50-28.

Tangent Scale Models has now (2023-08) released SP B-50-28 and -32 (T&NO) models.  


Built 9-12/1950 thru 6/1951 *
    SP 102100-103599, 1500 cars
    SP 104100-105099, 1000
    SP 105100-105599, 500
    T&NO 59750-60249, 500
    T&NO 60250-61249, 1000

Totaling 3000 Pacific Lines, 1500 Texas Lines = 4500 cars combined

The SP models from the first run seem to be confined to the first 500 car numbers, with their details for hand brake, roof walk, and trucks.  So while the class had 3000 Pacific Lines cars, I hope that they will do other detail versions for future releases.  Currently, I have ordered one model and will see how it looks.  If other versions are done later, I may pick up a couple more to fill out my post-war fleet.


Built 2-4/1953 & 1953 by P-S
    SP 107100-107699, 600 cars
    T&NO 61250-62249, 1000 cars

Totaling 1600 cars combined

Currently, I have ordered one SP model and will see how it looks.  If other versions are done later, I may pick up a couple more to fill out my post-war fleet.  The T&NO offering of the -32 puts this model right towards the end of my current modeling era.  So while I generally highly support main-line modelers to pick up the often forgotten and under represent T&NO cars, I'm going to skip getting a T&NO car at this point.  (Yes, my wallet is still licking the wounds from getting multiple Rapido B-50-15/16s last month!)

Stock Model Photos

Tangent Models # , SP 102176, one of the first 500 cars of the B-50-28 built

Tangent is offering the first run of models to replicate the first group of 500 cars of the class.  I have several photos of SP 102856 at Owenyo circa 1954, which shows they did get up there within the first few years of their service lives.

Excellent detail on trucks and B-end details. (color rippling is from photostacking artifact, not the model)

While not an exact model of the prototype photo car that I have, I certainly will put this car to use on the Jawbone Branch to fit the bill for post-war SP all-steel boxcar need.  The 7ft door on the 40'6" body certainly makes this model stand out compared to the pre-war '37 AAR boxcars that I have several of already.


The fully detailed underframe is very nice, even including the bleed rod to the triple-valve on both sides!

Tangent has tooled their trucks to include the 'snap-on' brake shoe piece, much like Kato pioneered 20 years ago with their ASF A-3 trucks on the 70-ton Covered Hoppers.

In Closing

A little weathering and this B-50-28 will be ready to join the fleet.

Overall, I think that the Tangent Models car is a good model for post-1950 SP modelers to have.  I look forward to Tangent releasing other detail versions in the future to round out this large class of cars.  As for this car, I'll be doing a separate post on the weathering and finishing of this car for service.

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