Index for Modeling HW SP Passenger Car Classes

Index for Models for Southern Pacific Passenger Car Classes in HO-Scale

No 58 heads towards LA, probably somewhere in the Santa Clarita Valley after dropping the helper at Summit. - Eddie Sims Collection.

Heavyweight Cars

I will say that I'm not going to post everything about the rosters, etc., from the fabulous SPH&TS SP Passenger Car 5-part book series.  I will link to my modeling blogs of particular models with some information as it relates to those projects. Also, as I finish models or get newer photos, I will update this page.

Link to SP HW Headend Car Roster for modeling SC&F resin cars blog post.

Note: If you have additional information on imported models that are correct for classes I mark as unavailable, please contact me and I'll update this list.

Baggage Cars

60-B-1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8, & 60-BD-1/4/6

MDC/Athearn 60ft Baggage can be kitbashed for this class.

My old kitbashed MDC 60-B-2, turns out the 6190 was scrapped in 1946 - so this model will be repainted at some point

Soho, PSC, etc have imported these as brass models.
KenKidder imported, but they are about 62ft long.
SC&F #1003 makes these in resin.
PSC has imported these cars as well.


MDC/Athearn 60ft Baggage.

SP 6317, MDC/Athearn painted model

 Minor upgrades to the basic MDC/Athearn R-T-R model of a Harriman 60ft baggage as seen above (Athearn RTR painted) and below repainted and with Walthers trucks.

Here's my modeling blog working on building some of these SP 60-B-9/10 Baggage Cars (Part1).

SP 6047, a MDC 60-B-9/10 repainted with StarBrand paint, ThinFilm decals, and detailed with Walthers 8ft Pullman 4-wheel trucks (920-2124) 

PSC has imported these cars as well.

60-BD-1/4/6 (Baggage-Dynamo) - These look like 60-B-1-series except that they had a generator mounted in one end.  The 60-BD-6s also have an extra window on each side of the Dynamo end, and roof exhaust vent.

70-B-1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9, & 70-BA-2/4/5 (with end doors)

SP 6444 from a Soho 70ft Baggage - not totally finished with window glazing yet.

Soho has imported these.

My old SP 6490 baggage car, notice the old MicroScale decals, especially the shorter length letterboard name.

MDC/Athearn 60ft baggage cars can be kitbashed to make these cars.
SC&F #1002 makes a lovely resin model of these cars as well.

Soho also has imported modernized versions of these baggage cars with the Ply-Metal doors.

Modernized 70-B-series baggage car by Soho

Should be possible to kitbash a 70-B-series car with auto-enddoors to model a 70-BA-series car.

66-B (Ex-EPSW 66ft Baggage)

Walthers 70ft ACF Baggage repainted to model the ex-EPSW Baggages

I've posted a blog on how I built this model of the SP 6515 using a Walthers 70ft baggage.


Future SP 7220, a 70-BH-1 from kitbashed MDC parts.
Kitbash of MDC/Athearn 60ft Baggage parts is possible to make one of these.

With a clerestory roof and MDC/Athearn 60ft Baggage parts it should be possible to make one of these cars.




MDC Kitbash - sort of - of SP 5187, a 60-BP-30-1.  It will have 4-wheel trucks like the 60-B-9/10s above.

MDC/Athearn 60ft cars can be kitbashed to make this class.  My model also has raised RPO doorway.  It's unfortunate that the original MDC tooling had the RPO doors the same height as the baggage doors.

Ken Kidder 60-BP-30-1 with incorrect paint scheme and 6-wheel trucks.

Ken Kidder did a proper model of these cars, however as is standard with their models, the roof profile is too low.

Ken Kidder 60-BP-30-1 which will become the basis for a corrected 60-BP-30-1 once repainted Dark Olive Green and with 4-wheel trucks.

Appologies for showing the above model in the wrong paint scheme.  The model as I received it is painted as if it was a 69-BP-30-2/3 class used on the Golden State (not Sunset Limited)

- No info yet - Should be possible with MDC parts.


SP 5199, 69-BP-30-3 completed for customer from SC&F 1001 resin kit, Link HERE for blog build.

SC&F #1001 makes this class in resin.  See Build Blog of SP 5199 (Part 5), (Part4), (Part 3), (Part 2), (Part 1).

T&NO 141 model.

Challenger or PSC has imported the Sunbeam with the 69-BP-30-3 for T&NO 141 & 148 which were painted in Daylight scheme and then later in Silver and Red (Modified Sunset scheme) for use on the Sunbeam and Hustler in Texas.

The Coachyard (TCY) has also imported these cars.


Soho SP 5130, one of the 10 70-BP-30-1s 

Soho has imported these cars, although most of these were prototypically 70-BP-15-3s and the 30ft apartment cars were rebuilt to be 70-BP-30s.

Kitbashing these cars is also possible with MDC/Athearn RPO and Baggage parts, I will get a photo up here at some point of SP 6102.  The 6102 was originally a 70-BP-30-1, that was removed from RPO service and used in Baggage-Express car.  Cars retired from RPO service had their "United States Mail Railway Post Office" lettering painted over, as can be seen on SP 6009, under the RPO section below.

70-BP-30-2/3 (SP 5124 70-BP-30-2, 5069 70-BP-30-3)

SP 5124, 70-BP-30-2 kitbashed from SC&F parts

SC&F 69-BP-30 can be kitbashed to make these cars.  SP 5124 (Part 1) of RPOs for the 1941 San Joaquin Daylight.

70-BP-30 (rebuilds)

SP 5148, a rebuilt 70-BP-30

Soho has imported these cars with blanked window near the RPO door.
Kitbashing an model from MDC/Athearn 60ft Baggage and RPO parts is possible too.

Should be possible with MDC parts.  Most of these cars were T&NO cars.

MDC Baggage & RPO models can be kitbashed together to make this class.  (SP 5118)
Coachyard has imported these I believe.

77-BP-60 (Rebuilt ex-diners for Owl) - 3 cars - No models available

80-BP-60 (Rebuilt for San Joaquin Daylight 1950-1954) - 3 cars

SP 5217, 5218 (1950),& 5219 (1954).

SP 5217, Left would be the Baggage section - Right is the sorting racks and secondary RPO door.

Challenger and Coachyard has imported these cars.

Ex-EPSW 66ft Baggage-RPO-30

These two ex-EPSW RPO/Baggages were regularly assigned to SP's Nos 55/56 "Tehachapi" Mail train after they came west in the early 1950s.

SP 5215 with centered letterboard lettering, 5216 had offset narrower lettering.

The Rivarossi HW RPO-Baggage car is very close to these prototype cars.  The Baggage door should have 8 windows, not the 4 windows of the stock model.

Here's a model I did for the SP 5216 - the baggage door has not been replaced or stirup steps added yet.

I may at some point put in scratch-built 8-window doors, but for now they work fine.  When I get a couple spare 30ft RPO interiors printed, I'll probably put them inside and hook up some LED lighting for the cars.  When I get around to working on these cars again, I'll install some Bethlehem Car Works etched steps like I did on the SP 5199 build from 2016.

RPO - (Straight RPO)


My old Ken Kidder SP 6009, painted for Baggage-Express service (No RPO lettering).

KenKidder & PSC have imported these models. (SP 6007-6009)


SP 4404, a 60-PS-1, the 60-P-1/2/3/4s were the same arrangement with the double lettercases back-to-back in the long end.

SC&F makes this lovely kit under their 60ft RPO #1000. These carbodies are the same as the SP's 60-PS-1s, as seen below.

60-P-5 PSC

SP 4261, North Side - Note at these photos show this model before I repainted it correctly for Storage Mail service..
SP 4261, South Side - Note at these photos show this model before I repainted it correctly for Storage Mail service.

SP only had one of these cars, the SP 4261. IC and UP had a number of these built before 1913, but for some reason SP only ordered one new 60ft RPO built new after the breakup of the Harriman Roads in 1913.  This car was converted to a mail Storage Car in 1936.

Corrected model lettered for Storage Mail for post-1936 modelers and dullcote applied.

PSC has imported these.
Also MDC/Athearn's 60ft RPO is close to the 60-P-5, but is missing the 4th window on the North side of the car, near the center.

60-P (Rebuilt cars)

SP 4114 partly built

Soho imported the rebuilt cars in the 4114-4121 series (SP 4114, SP 4119)

Soho SP 4119 'Lark' protection RPO.

SP 4118 & 4119 were semi-streamlined for the 1941 Lark.  SP 4119 was not, but was painted in Lark TTG as the regular protection car.

60-PS-1 (Postal Storage Cars)

SP 4404, a 60-PS-1 by SC&F, partly built

SC&F makes this lovely kit under their 60ft RPO #1000.  These are the same body as 60-P-2/3/4 seen above.
These cars externally look very much like the RPO version, except they have no mail catcher arms fitted and no RPO sorting facilities inside.  The lettering for this car is MicroScale, however I might replace it with ThinFilm before I finish the car.


SP's Coaches were among the earlies classes of passenger car, as the (stage)coach term would suggest.  Over the years on the SP, coaches were rebuilt and upgraded and reclassified as Chair cars, however they retained their mechanical classification as Coaches.

Here's a few links to my blog posts on modeling Coaches (Part 1).


Ken Kidder 60-C-4, SP 1190, wearing pre-1946 SP Lines on the letter board. Looking a bit worse for wear in rider service.
Ken Kidder, Soho, PSC, and other brass importers have brought in models of these cars.  The larger 'picture' windows separate these from the later coaches.  Also notice the single small window on the near end and room for two small windows on the far end in the photo above.  The cars of the same era of 60-CC-1 class, only had one small window at each end.


SP 1005, a 60-C-5 with a long history of renumberings - Note it still has upper sash "Transom" windows and globe vents.
These coaches were built with "Transom" windows which were usually green tinted glass or etched with fancy patterns.  After about 1940 most cars started having them covered over due to leaking.  Most transom windows were gone from the fleet by about 1950-1952.  Follow my blog on Building SP 60-C-5s (Part 1) SP 1005, (Part 2) T&NO 777 for more information.

SP 2178, a 60-C-9, this one starting with a Soho "Modernized" model.  Note the square vents.
Soho and other brass importers have brought in models of these cars.  Earlier cars in these series had round "globe" vents.  Later classes had square vents alternating down the roof.  The last classes had square vents matching on both sides.

70-C Ex-EPSW Coaches

Ex-EPSW partitioned coach, SP 1050, renumbered into the SP system in 1924.
Walthers Paired-Window Coach can easily be kitbashed to model one of these cars.  They are also available in brass.  Follow the build blog of the SP 1050 (Part 1) & (Part 2) for more information.


Soho brought in a large number of 1920's Daylight "Sets" for the original Pearl Gray Daylight train.  While this is great that we have the models, the proportions of which versions were imported were skewed by the fact that they're "sets".
SP 72-C-1/2/3/4 as-built with transom windows and roof vents
Soho's brought in a large number of the as-built versions of the SP 72-C-1/2/3/4 series cars.  Unfortunately most of the prototype cars were rebuilt and hand their transom windows plated over, or at least painted over, such as the 2313 below.

Soho's As-Built 72-C-1/2/3/4 with transom windows painted over.
SP 2312 with transom windows plated over and ice A/C installed.
Soho had brought in some of the "Modernized" versions of the 72-C-1/2/3/4.  After years, I finally found a couple of them. - so worth saving your pennies!

Most of these cars on the SP when modernized also had window changes that make the "As-Built" and "Modernized" cars incorrect for.  SP 2312, 2078 are among the few that never had the isle window changes when upgraded to "Deluxe" Chair car configuration.

SP 2080-2084 were rebuilt as Parlors, and eventually back to News-Agent Chair cars after WW2.
Soho did import the rebuilt version that was a Parlor car version for the original 1920's Gray "Daylight" trainset.  These have some windows blanked and some raised to higher levels.  There were 4 such cars.  They're converted back to Chair cars with News Agent space in the former lounge-bar area with the high windows.

One of the most rare Soho "Daylight" set cars imported, but for the 1937-1960 modeler one of the more useful 72ft chair cars should have.

These cars were kept the identical window arrangement to the 72-C-1/2/3/4s, but the windows went up to the bottom of the letterboard, and there were no transom windows!  These cars therefore are very unique looking.

72-IC-1/2/3 "Subs"

Soho 72-IC-series "Suburban" coach.  This model appears incomplete Dark Lark Gray scheme for post-1958 Commute Service

The San Francisco "Commute Pool" was expanded in 1924-1927 with 75 new high capacity coaches.  These cars, known as 'Subs' were 72ft long over the end-sills, which is inside of the vestibule doors, and had seating for 96 passengers.  There were only two basic toilets in the car, one for men and one for women.  The cars had steam heating and no air conditioning.  Unlike the 72-C-series cars, the 72-IC's rode on 4-wheel trucks, similar to what the 60ft coaches and 60ft baggage cars used.

These cars were classed as follows:
IC-72-1, SP 2085-2144 (60 cars)
IC-72-2, SP 2145-2154 (10 cars)
IC-72-3, SP 2155-2159 (5 cars)

72-CB-1 (Rebuilt as chair car)
SP's Coach-Baggage combines were rebuilt into single-vestibule chair cars.  A few of these may have been imported, but I've not seen one available to show a picture of one here.

73-C-1 (Clerestory Chair Cars)

SP 2337, a 73-C-1 rebuilt with A/C for Deluxe Chair service in 1937-1939
Walthers Paired-Window Coach is a good starting point for a fairly good stand-in for these cars.  I will be posting a build blog on modeling these cars in the near future.

SP 2346, rebuilt from a parlor car version of the 73-C-1, as it looked in the late-40s to early-50s. - Still needs the A/C ducts.
Coachyard I believe has imported models of these cars as well.

Chair Cars

SP's Chair cars were built as nicer cars with long-distance seating and more room.  However over the years and various rebuilds CC-class cars were downgraded to coaches, and other C-class cars were upgraded to chairs.  By 1937, when the Daylight chair cars of 77-Cs and 77-CBs were ordered, the CC-classification had been dropped.


Old 60-CC-1 non-A/C'd "Chair" car, SP  2701, downgraded to coach service by the early 1950s

Model Power 67ft Coach is a stand-in for this class.

Follow the link to Part 1 of Kitbashing SP 2701, a Model Power 60-CC-1.

60-CC-2/3 - PSC has made these in brass

I've used a Walthers Paired-Window Coach to stand-in for one of these cars, however the windows with a very long low pane are very unique on these as-built chair cars.



Ex-SP 72-D-2 Diner
Most of these older diners had either been retired to MOW service or rebuilt into other cars, such as the 10912-10915-series Cafe-Lounges.

77-D-1/2 (Rebuilt from 72-O-1 Obs)
These are possible with a kitbash using MSC/Athearn parts.


Soho imported these in the as-built form for the 'Pearl Gray' Daylight from 1926.  Unfortunately these cars have incorrect spacing for the isle-side windows, mirroring the kitchen side.

Soho's 77-D-4s being kitbashed by blanking out the transom windows and building new upper sashes.
 With a lot of work the transom windows can be filled in and the car moderized.  I've not seen a "Modernized" version of this model offered.

Fully rebuilt (not done by me) SP 10103, equipped with A/C systems and modified windows.

Possible with heavy kitbashing of Rivarossi HW Diner.

Ex-EPSW Diners (SP 10123-10125, 3-Cars) 

Right Side of a Bachmann ACF-built Diner - pre-kitbash (Note the number 10201 is NOT correct for a HW car!)

Left Side of a Bachman ACF-built Diner - pre-kitbash (Note the number 10201 is NOT correct for a HW car!)
ACF-built cars, the Bachmann HW Diners could be a suitable starting point for a kitbash. (SP 10123-10125)

Possible with heavy kitbashing of Rivarossi HW Diner.

Lounge Cars


Left Side (when operating lounge-foward) of SP 2976.  Still more rivet decals to add!
Originally built as baggage-club cars, four of these cars were rebuilt as full Lounges (SP 2976-2979).  The SP 2976 was rebuilt to be the protection Lounge car for the 1941 Lark Club articulated Tavern-Lounge cars.

Right Side (when operating Lounge-foward) of SP 2976.
This model is kitbashed from MDC/Athearn parts, although not finished the concept is pretty clear.  In 1959 SP painted the 2979 in Daylight Colors for lounge service on the San Joaquin Daylight.

72-C (Rebuilds)

SP 72-C-series cars rebuilt as Parlors, and then to News Agent Chair cars (SP 2080-2084)
These were 5 cars rebuilt from 72-C's that had their windows rearranged for a Cafe-Bar and lounge seating.  All 5 were reconverted to News Agent Chair cars by 1950.


Soho imported these in the as-built form for the 'Pearl Gray' Daylight from 1926.

Possible by heavy kitbashing of Rivarossi HW Diner parts


Cafe-Lounges (Ex-72-D-2)

These cars were rebuilt from 72ft Diners, moving the rear 3 pairs of windows to the rear of the car and installing a lounge servicing area between the dining area and the separated lounge area to the rear of the car.  Lounge seating was placed in the rear portion.

Left (Kitchen) side of SP 10913 Cafe-Lounge kitbashed from MDC/Roundhouse parts.

During emergency times, such as WWII when extra "Deluxe" lounge cars were put into storage, cars with kitchens such as these were put back into service as full diners with tables, much as the Triple-Unit Diners were changed into Diner-Lounges on the San Joaquin Daylight in 1949.

Right (Isle) side of SP 10913 Cafe-Lounge kitbashed from MDC/Roundhouse parts.

Rebuilt to Cafe-Lounges in the 10912-10915 series.  Kitbashes from MDC/Athearn parts are possible.  More on these rebuilds later. (SP 10913, 10915).

Jason Hill

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