OwlMtModels F-50-Series Flatcar Blog Index

Examples of some kitbashed OMM F-50-series flatcars for company service.

Over the last few years I've built a number of OwlMtModels flatcars, kitbashed, and made several videos.  I decided that a new index page to organize all of my blog posts on the topic would be helpful for ease of quick reference.

OwlMtModels F-50-Series Video Instructions

Title Card for Weathering Tutorial video.

Links to my assembly videos on YouTube showing step-by-step assembly instructions with commentary of common mistakes made during construction.

F-50-Series Video Instructions - Part 1

F-50-Series Video Instructions - Part 2

F-50-Series Video Instructions - Part 3 & 4

Weathering Tutorial Flatcar Decks

Related Research Links and Material

SPMW cars at Sacramento Shops during mid-1950s.

Kitbashing Blogs to Various Prototypes

SPMW 7021A, SPMW 847 and PE 3669 in process together.

SPMW 7021A - Bakersfield Wrecker Rail & Tie Car

SPMW 847 Stores Dept Wheelset Car.

Kitbashing OwlMtModels (Part 2) SPMW 847 Stores Dept Wheelset Car with Blukheads

PE 3669 - PE Brake Modifications

PE 3669 with modified brake rigging

SPMW 560 & Basic Supply Flat Cars

SPMW 560, an example of a plain SPMW Supply Flatcar

SPMW 2452

SPMW 2452, an example of a Shop Ready Car.

SPMW 229

SPMW 229, an example of the typical Supply Car with sideboards.

SPMW 161

Completed SPMW 161 Supply Car

SPMW 1791

SPMW 1791 - F-50-series converted to 70-ton underframe

SPMW 215

SPMW 215 Kitbashed work tender car.  I still need to do all the "Stuff" on the deck.

In Closing

I plan to continue uploading more links as I continue to do more with OwlMtModels F-50-series kits.

Jason Hill

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