Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019 - What a Year!

Well, another Christmas has passed.  I've been pretty busy with projects and stuff that doesn't really lend itself to blog posting.

Minor photoshopped picture from January 2018 LMRC 'Winter on Tehachapi' TT/TO session.

I've been working on several projects which I'll probably be posting about in the upcoming year.

Tender Swapping (Part 2) - Spare Tenders?

A pair of Sunset 70-C-9 & -10 tenders... Extras you say, do tell!

In this upcoming blog, we'll be looking at what we can do with our 'extra' tenders... and what did SP do with their 'extra' tenders?

Weathering - How To & Examples

During 2019, I was able to visit with TSG Multimedia again and we shot a weathering clinic 'How-To' on using Apple Barrel acrylic paints and inexpensive brushes to do basic weathering.  These techniques can of course be expanded with other methods as well.

In upcoming blogs I'll be looking at what I'm doing with some other fun and unique cars!

ATSF War Emergency Boxcar

A likely candidate for some fun weathering... IMRC's WWII Emergency boxcar.  Just look at that funky door!

Hercules Powder Tank Cars

Tangent's 10k gal GATX Tankcar.  This should be a fun one for some airbrush weathering for the 'truck grime' splashing up on the tank from the wheels.

Stauffer - Acid Tank Car

Weathering a Stauffer chemical tank car.

Kitbashing SP 47870

Starting with Tangent's Type 17 GATX 10k Gallon Tank Car.

CN Fowler Boxcars (Accurail & Westerfield)

I'm hoping to get the last bits together to build up three Fowler boxcars.

Car completed in 2024 as NC&StL 15337

Passenger Car Modeling

I'll be continuing with passenger car modeling and specific passenger train consist modeling in 2020.

Express Boxcars - The Forgotten Head-End Car

I'll be spending a bit of time covering various foreign line express boxcars that would show up on Tehachapi regularly.

Is it an automobile boxcar?  No, it's an Express Boxcar!

Santa Fe's TTG 'Valley' Series 6-6-4 Pullmans

Santa Fe's take on the Pullman 'Western' Two-Tone-Gray paint scheme as applied to cars in their secondary trains.

Kitbashing an SP 70-BP-15-4/5/6

I'll be doing a couple of options to kitbash an 70-BP-15-4/5/6 which shows up a number of Pacific Lines passenger train photos.

Kitbashing an SP 73-C-1 Chair Car

This will be a kitbash to model a reasonably priced stand-in for several versions of SP's 73-C-1 class coach/chair car.

SP 10124 - Daylight HW Diner

The starting point will be a Bachmann HW "Spectrum" Diner, which will require a bit of work.

This will model the three AC&F ex-EPSW diners which became SP 10123-10125, the 10124 which was actually painted in Daylight colors.

Finishing Up Existing Projects?

During the upcoming year I hope to get more progress on multiple projects which I've been blogging on and off for several years.

SP 10251, backdating the kitchen to have windows per 1949 version, not doors as the 1953 version.

As part of the Articulated 1949 Diner set, I'll also be finishing the modular Lounge-section seating for the Diner SP 10250.

My San Joaquin's other major cars will be finishing the SP 5069 RPO and SP 3301 Combine.

The SC&F kitbashed SP 5069 body needs to be finished up with some minor parts.

My MTH SP 3301 kitbash is almost done, it just needs a bit more paint and finishing work.

Steam Modeling?

SP 1774 at Bakersfield with 90-R-1 tender - Eddie Sims collection.

Yes, there's a number of steam engine models I hope to work on as well in 2020.

SP 1774

Heavily modifying a Sunset Models M-6 to become SP 1774.  This project should move forward again in 2020.

SP 3203

SP 3203 starting from a Sunset Models Mk-4.

Another fun project coming up is SP 3203, and Mk-4 starting with a Sunset Models engine.  The SP 3203 will be modeled as she appeared when working the Owenyo Local on the "Jawbone" Branch around 1949-1954.

SP 2335

The WSM T-28, 2339 model will become SP 2335 as seen in excursion service on the Owenyo Branch.

I'm looking forward to expanding my modeling skills into installing a new BooRim gearbox into my WSM T-28 and replicating the SP 2335 as she appeared in excursion service with the SP 2350 on the "Jawbone" Branch.

Too Many Projects?!

I just sat down to write a quick end of year update with what I hope to do in the next year.  I realize that I have about four years of blogging projects backed up and 2019 was a crazy year for me.  So well, maybe I have 'too many' projects started or 'active', but at least this way there's always something interesting to work on when I have time!  The modeling hobby should be 'fun' after all, so I don't really think there are too many projects.  Every project can stall for a while while more research is done, parts and materials are acquired and inspiration lurks, waiting to pounce again!

Some of the projects on my workbench in 2019.

There's a number of other projects I'd like to start this year as well, but we'll see what happens!  In the last six weeks several new projects have pounced and I'll be working on researching some fun new areas to make some cool models eventually.

Closing Thoughts...

Let's see what the new year has in store for the HO Modeling Community.  Highball 2020!

My main reason for blogging about these projects is to encourage my fellow modelers to push their limits and experience new aspects of the hobby!

Jason Hill

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  1. Well, Jason, you’ve set out a big challenge for the year. We’ll be watching! Best wishes for 2020.


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