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I've restructured the pages of the blog to have several index pages.  As the number of blogs and pages have grown, the date-based structure of finding blog posts is getting too complex.  So it's time to make some simple Index Pages, branching out to link to the other blog posts and pages.  I'm going to try to keep this index up to speed with links when I'm publishing new blog posts on the following topics.

Consist Photo Analysis

Consist Photo Analysis (Part 2) - 1950 Owenyo Local at Little Lake - Very cool photo of SP 2751 leading the local past the small platform-station at Little Lake with the Hotel and village in the background.

Consist Photo Analysis (Part 3) - 1940 circa Owenyo Local - An interesting view of an all boxcar train with RPO-baggage and coach arriving at Owenyo.

SP Freight Cars

Modeling SP Flatcars Index

SP 140234 (Part 1) - F-50-16 Kitbashing

OwlMtModels F-50-Series Modeling Post Index (too many to list here, go to this link, then to the articles).

SP 65ft Mill Gondola (Part 1) Overview - SP 94296, SP 160023, SP 160550, etc G-70-4/6/9 - Athearn R-T-R models, also covering other RR's 65ft gondolas sold by Athearn BB. 06-07-2022

SP 65ft Mill Gondola (Part 2) - Upgrading SP 160550, G-70-9 with Tangent Trucks - Option for improving the look of the basic car with more correct 70-ton trucks for the class.

Modeling SP 94248 - G-50-14 (Part 1) - Upgrading a 1990s Kitbash - Proto2000 gondola shortened and modified to be an SP G-50-14 drop-end mill gondola.

SP 45752 Ex-EPSW 40ft Ballast Gondola - Kitbash Conversion. 05-07-2022

Modeling SP Boxcars Index

SP Boxcar Recap for Modeling in 1950-1955 Era - Overview of building a 1950s SP boxcar fleet.

Steel & Composite Automobile Boxcars

Steel Boxcars with Wood-Sides (Composite) Box Cars

SP/T&NO B-50-15/16 Boxcars (Part 1) - Research, History, & Rapido Models

All Steel Box Cars

SP Pre-War Boxcar (Part 1) B-50-18/19/20/21/23 classes

SP Post-War Boxcars (Part 2) B-50-24/25/26/27/28/29 classes

SP Cabooses

SP Cabooses (Part 1) - Ex-Coaches - 60-C-series conversions in 900-series

SP Cabooses (Part 2) - Wood Cabooses - C-30-1/2/3 steel frame, wood bodied cabooses

SP Cabooses (Part 3) - Steel Cabooses - C-40-1/2/3 all-steel cupola cabooses

SP Cabooses (Part 4) - Ex-Boxcar Cabooses - B-50-6/9 1937-WWII conversions

Future Article - SP Cabooses (Part 5) - Bay Window Cabooses - C-40-4/5/6 - Early Steel Bay Window Cabooses

Modeling SPMW Cars

Modeling a Weird SP Flatcar (Part 2) - SPMW 1791 - 70-ton conversion of F-50-12

Future Article - SPMW 2257 - Westerfield SP B-50-1/2 (Part 4) Redecalling

SPMW 4049 - Upgrading Walthers 25-Ton Crane

SPMW 7419, CS-25A, A Canteen for a Desert Railroad.

Modeling SPMW cars with Musical Parts (Part 1)

Other Freight Car Projects

X31 & X32 Articles - Using Bowser's Cars

X31 & X32 Box Cars (Part 1) - NP, A Correction in Era - These cars went to NP in 1961, which means I need to change my tare dates on the cars... and maybe look for new homes for the cars too, as it is well outside my era by about 10 years.

X31 & X32 Box Cars (Part 4) - PRR X31A from Bowser - General Service XMs with notes on special service and double-door versions of X31A. 

X31 & X32 Box Cars (Part 5) - PRR X31B & C from Bowser - Double Door cars in XM and special service.

Open Loads

Future Article - Modeling PFE Express Reefers of the 1940-1950s (Part 1) - Kitbashing large ice hatch platforms on Athearn and Walthers 50ft wood reefers.

Other Freight Car Articles

UTLX Tank Cars (Part 1) - New Models on the Market - GA Type-17, ACF Type 21 & 27, UT X-3

Modeling UP Gondola (Part 1) Steel Re-sheath - Blanking Composite Sides on RC gondola.

Future Article - Modeling UP Gondola (Part 2) - Re-sanding & Painting - Checking sanding and filling of board grooves, prime painting and re-sanding before final FCR coat is applied.

36ft Fowler Boxcars - NC&StL 15337 (Part 2) Details & Decalling


Salt-Mask Weathering - Car roof weathering

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